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Message Johnny's International!!

Publié par haruka

Message de la Johnny's International:

Arashi are in full activity working as navigators for the Japan Tourism Agency!

It's been announced that starting on July 11th, the video "Message from Japan" will be broadcasted in more than 133 countries, to convey to the world the deep feeling of gratitude of the Japanese population for the support and sympathy they received after the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, and to welcome tourists back to Japan.

The video has been produced in three patterns, and shows the 5 members visiting different tourist destinations throughout Japan. (Satoshi Ohno-Kyoto, Sho Sakurai-Kagoshima, Jun Matsumoto-Hokkaido, Kazunari Ninomiya-Aomori, Masaki Aiba-Okinawa).

Check it out and discover the charm of Japan with Arashi!

*Here's a list of the main places screening Arashi's video message*

-CNN International (TV commercial): More than 100 countries worldwide
-Times Square Vision (outdoor vision): Times Square, New York City, USA
-Seoul Vision (outdoor vision): Seoul, Korea
-MRT Metro stations on internal PDP (Metro PDP, Taipei MRT Platform Digital): Taipei
-LED Screen (outdoor vision): Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
-Internal screens of the major stations: London, UK
-Japanese diplomatic establishments abroad (Embassies, Consulates): Worldwide
-Airport internal monitors: Worldwide
-Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), Visit Japan Home Page

*Starting sequentially from July 11th

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